The Final Nail in InfoPath’s Coffin


If you have not read already, Microsoft has officially announced that InfoPath is to be no more after the current release. You can find the blog post on the Office blog here:

One key thing to point out in the posting is that they said it will be supported with SharePoint 2013, but not future versions of SharePoint. This should be writing on the wall to start thinking about how to migrate your InfoPath forms solution to something else. The question is what.  I have tried some other forms solutions out there for SharePoint, but they have a ways to go. I am a big fan of the SharePoint app model (Yes even now that I have left Microsoft) and I like the way Access 2013 builds apps for SharePoint.  Maybe something along those lines for apps is the way to go. For now, all forms related projects have now become IT driven products and have shot up the TCO of SharePoint due to the extensive amount of professional development work required to support custom form development.

We should hopefully know more at SPC14 and even more throughout the year.


2 thoughts on “The Final Nail in InfoPath’s Coffin

    • Unfortunately it is. I have no idea what Microsoft is thinking here and what is worse it looks like FoSL is dead. I hope they are planning on a migration path to get InfoPath leveraging a more web friendly, non-proprietary architecture. I know end-users are happy, developers are probably dreading it, and Microsoft is probably spending resources to keep it alive, when they rather be spending it on something more scalable.

      I try to steer everyone away from InfoPath, even with this announcement. It was an architecture that made sense 15 years ago. It’s time to catch up with technology.

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