My new home… well virtual home


I finally left Microsoft to start pursuing other adventures.  I really wanted to be back closer to Chicago to be closer to friends and family.  The good news is I have not left SharePoint and I will actually get to use it in real world scenarios. The bad news, I will feel the pain like every other customer out there. I am hoping the Cloud App Model in SharePoint 2013 will be my savior.

One thing that I am trying to look at is how to make SharePoint a complete CMS (Content Management System).  SharePoint 2013 does a lot for supporting browsers of all kinds on various devices and operating systems.  That’s great.  However the challenge is going to be, what if the content being managed is not rendered in SharePoint but instead somewhere else like an email. We don’t have the luxury of making everyone a user of SharePoint since we push public content to 100,000’s of users world wide.  We have to support it all and stay ahead of the SharePoint’s browser support curve.

I intend on posting our discoveries and lessons learned.  So stayed tune.

P.S. Yes I know there will be custom code.  That is a given